When government and businesses adopt eco-friendly practices in the workplace, they not only contribute to the protection of the environment and safeguard Abu Dhabi’s future, but they can also cut costs in an impactful way.


Simple tips: 


  • Incentivise your employees to take public transport, cycle or even walk to work, if possible. This can immensely help to reduce carbon emissions from vehicle use. 
  • Offer refillable water bottles and water fountains: Helping the environment begins by reducing plastic waste, particularly single-use products.
  • Recycle electronics to reduce e-waste: Businesses should always safely dispose of old electronics using one of the several firms that offer this service in the UAE. However, if possible, when replacing electronic items, such as laptops and smartphones, first check whether they can be re-used by someone else after removing all sensitive information from the devices.  
  • Join programmes such as the Green Business Network : Public and private organisations can join this initiative to learn more and share knowledge about the best environmentally- friendly practices in the workplace.
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