Launched in 2009 in partnership with the Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) and sponsored by Bp, this initiative allows youth to explore the environment and learn ways to reduce their ecological footprint, while creating a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the future.


Participating schools must assess and address their environmental performance as part of a Green School Audit across five key elements – air, water, land, energy and waste.

With audits conducted entirely by students and vetted by EAD, this process replicates the vital monitoring work of environmental scientists and is an early introduction to ecological thinking for students.


Students are also invited to annual Eco Club summits to exchange knowledge and experience on best practices through presentations and workshops.
The event provides a forum for all Eco Club student members to network and work collaboratively for the environment. At the Summit, schools participating in SSI are recognised and rewarded for their good work.


Another exciting aspect of the Eco Club Summit is the chance to meet inspiring young environmental activists, not only from the UAE but from different parts of the world. Notable youth including Kelvin Doe, a young innovator from Kenya and Chido Govera, a green entrepreneur from Zimbabwe, have been part of previous editions of the summit.


SSI is a UN recognised environment educational programme only open to Abu Dhabi schools.

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