Schools play a critical role in ensuring Abu Dhabi’s future generations are engaged at an early stage.


They can make sure our youth are aware of the importance of environmental protection – while demonstrating ways to preserve our unique heritage and protect our future. 

Here are some ways that teachers and schools can help:

  • Join the Sustainable Schools Initiative: which seeks capacity build school communities by giving them the opportunity to assess their own environmental impact and be able to address it and empower students to be environmental citizens and translate environment awareness gained into action.
  • Training: Teachers can learn new skills for conveying impactful environment education in the classroom. We frequently organisetraining courses for schools, including The Guide for teachers of the first, second and third grades, as well as the Training of Trainers component, which is part of the SSI. 
  • Encourage environmentally-friendly lunches: Students should be encouraged to bring reusable lunch boxes and cut down on single-use plastic or plastic wrap.
  • Reduce water use: Provide water fountains and encourage students to bring their own refillable water bottles to school, rather than single-use plastic ones.
  • Reduce paper use: Schools should educate children to reduce paper use, making a monumental difference on energy and water waste in the long-run.
  • Take the bus: Parents can send their children to schools on registered and safe school buses.
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