Since 2001, our EnviroSpellathon has been teaching students about local flora, fauna and environmental issues in a way that is accessible for everyone.


To date, 1.8 million students across the UAE were engaged through the online i-enviro sepllathon.

The initiative – which is also available in Braille – runs from kindergarten until the sixth grade with a range of engaging learning activities and exercises.
The programme initially used books then evolved into an interactive app for students to take part.

It features 18 games, 12 animations, nine interactive animations and a voice-over throughout each book – with versions available in both English and Arabic.

An additional feature to the digital version is a live testing section. At the end of each level, students are encouraged to examine their knowledge and take the test.The live tests are automated, and – once completed – the results are sent by email to teachers. Students that pass the test receive a certificate for each level.


Download the App from here:


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