Green Turtle

Chelonia mydas

Species name: Green Turtle
Scientific name: Chelonia mydas

Locally known as: Sheeri

Description: The Green Turtle is one of the largest sea turtle species in the world, and is the only herbivore among them all.

IUCN status: Endangered.

Key threats: Residential and commercial development and illegal fishing practices.

Where they're found today: They are usually found near seagrass meadows, coral reefs and bays in subtropical and tropical seas throughout the world. • Abu Dhabi’s efforts: We monitor the turtle populations constantly, providing safe havens for them in our marine protected areas, and raising awareness of the need to avoid vessel strikes among relevant communities, such as fishermen and recreational boat owners. This turtle is known to forage in UAE waters they occur at particularly high densities in our Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve where they are protected.

Fun facts:

  1. Abu Dhabi hosts an estimated 6,732 turtles who use its waters for foraging.
  2. The largest Green Turtle ever found was 5 feet in length and weighed 395 kg.
  3. Green Turtles are rarely observed in the open ocean. They stay near the coastline, around islands, bays and protected shores with seagrass beds.