Abu Dhabi Clean is a community driven initiative empowering individual to take real action towards creating a sustainable environment.


 It is an opportunity for all Abu Dhabi residents to contribute to citizen science by supporting EAD to conduct research on the amount of single use plastics and other types of waste entering the marine environment throughout the year. You can download  "Abu Dhabi Clean" which is a user-friendly mobile application and an easily accessible tool for individuals of all ages. Whenever you find single use plastics and waste on the beach, the "Abu Dhabi Clean" application helps you to categories, record and upload your findings. This data is reported directly to EAD to provide the researchers and policy makers with insights around the current situation, help them in making better decisions, and formulate new regulations and provide recommendations to leaders in Abu Dhabi.


Your contribution is the key to the success of this initiative; let us all work together in making Abu Dhabi a clean and sustainable environment.


Download the application here

Reference Guide : here