Scientific name

Duttaphrynus dhufarensis

Locally known as

Al Dhafari

IUCN status

Least concern


The Dhofar Toad has bulging eyes and is green or a shade of brown and sometimes speckled with darker markings. They are nocturnal and feed mostly on insects.

Where they're found today

The species is one of only nine species of amphibians in the Arabian Peninsula. They are found in Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. In Abu Dhabi Emirate, they are only found in the wadis of Al Ain.

Abu Dhabi’s efforts

EAD recorded a mass breeding event with tadpoles numbering over 1,000 individuals.

Fun facts

  1. The call of the male at breeding time is a sharp "kra-kra-kra"
  2. It reacts to drought conditions by burying itself in the ground and aestivating (similar to hibernating), which it has been known to do for up to three years.
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