Scientific name

Diagramma pictum

Locally known as


IUCN status

Least Concern.


Painted Sweetlips are a grey-coloured fish, commonly found in the tropical waters of the Indo-West Pacific region.

Key threats


Where they're found today

Farsh are found throughout the Pacific and Indian oceans, inhabiting coral dominated and rocky areas.

Abu Dhabi’s efforts

The farsh is an over-exploited species in the UAE. In recognition of this, EAD with its partner the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, has implemented management measures to enable the species to return to sustainable levels. These include the gargoor ban, a ban on fishing during spawning season and a minimum size for catch.

Fun facts

1. Painted Sweetlips are usually found in coastal and sandy reef areas, in depths of up to 80 metres.
2. These fish feed on benthic invertebrates (organisms that live on the bottom of bodies of water) and other small fish.
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