Scientific name

Siganus canaliculatus

Locally known as

Safi Arabi

IUCN status

Least Concern


White spotted Spinefoots are reef-associated fish found in tropical waters. They are usually grey-coloured, and are actually named for the small white spots across their bodies.

Key threats


Where they're found today

Safi are found within theIndo-West Pacific, inhabiting rocky shores and coral dominated areas

Abu Dhabi’s efforts

The safi is an over-exploited species in the UAE.In recognition of this, EAD with its partner the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, has implemented management measures to enable the species to return to sustainable levels. These include the gargoor ban, a ban on fishing during spawning season and a minimum size for catch.

Fun facts

1. They have venomous spines which can inflict extremely painful injuries but not deadly.
2. Adult female white spotted spinefoots can lay nearly 1 million eggs in one spawning session.
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