Scientific name

Gazella marica

Locally known as

Al Reem

IUCN status



The Arabian sand gazelle is a graceful species of gazelle native to deserts in the Arabian Peninsula. It lives in sand dunes and coastal flats, and avoids steep and rocky areas.

Key threats

Uncontrolled hunting and habitat degradation.

Where they're found today

 Desert regions and protected areas across the Arabian Peninsula.

Abu Dhabi’s efforts

 EAD completed the implementation of a pioneer project that aimed at assessing the genetic diversity of the Arabian sand gazelle population in forests. Today, these forests now serve as shelter to over 55,000 Individuals of gazelles.

Fun facts

  1. Arabian sand gazelles are the only gazelle species in the region that birth twins.
  2. Although its numbers are severely limited in the wild,  its population is significantly higher in captivity, reserves, or in breeding programmes. 
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