We focus on the beach’s water quality through long-term monitoring programmes that ensure the wellbeing of beach visitors while providing a healthy environment for our marine biodiversity.

This involves targeted studies at high-risk or impacted sites, the vetting of proposed marine developmental projects and the prevention of pollutant material discharge.

You can help us too. Here’s how: 

  • If you notice anything strange or unusual on the beach or in the sea, report it to the EAD emergency team as soon as possible or by calling the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre hotline at 800 555.
  • Don’t leave anything behind. Always dispose of your waste responsibly to keep the environment clean.
  • Use eco-friendly beach toys so that if they do get lost, they will not harm the environment.
  • Try not to disturb any wildlife or birds, and avoid picking up seashells – these are homes for many of our smaller creatures.
  • Volunteer with us to get involved in our environmental efforts .
  • Additional resources can be found here.
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