No Excuse for Single-Use!


Abu Dhabi is leading the way to protect the environment with our Mission to Zero campaign to achieve zero single-use product waste


Single-use plastic is one of the most damaging – and avoidable – threats to the global environment. Not only is it made of fossil fuels, but it also leaches chemicals and could take thousands of years to decompose. 


We must reduce our use of single-use products to save our land, our oceans, our biodiversity, our marine life, our climate, and our future.


Abu Dhabi is committed to reuse, recycle and refuse single-use products. We pledge to:


  • Make Abu Dhabi government entities 100% free of single-use products
  • Recover 50% of single-use plastic bottles through an incentive-based scheme
  • Replace 100% of single-use grocery plastic bags with multiple-use bags

Learn more about the Abu Dhabi Single-Use Plastic Policy here


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