Abu Dhabi, 11th June 2024: To help encourage sustainable living, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) is partnering with Emirates Steel Arkan to onboard more than 3,000 employees on the Agency’s ‘Baadr’ mobile application. This partnership was announced during EAD and Emirates Steel Arkan's celebration of World Environment Day, highlighting their commitment to fostering a sustainable future.

‘Baadr’, which means ‘Initiate’ in Arabic, is an EAD application, launched in 2022, designed to nurture significant behavioural changes by extending incentives for environmental actions. From recycling to promoting the use of reusable items and participating in green initiatives, ‘Baadr’ encourages users to adopt environmentally-friendly decisions in their daily lives. In recognition of their efforts, users can gain points that can later be exchanged for rewards and exclusive discounts at retailers such as the Entertainer.

EAD presented the ‘Baadr’ Initiative to the employees of Emirates Steel Arkan and awarded the organisation with a recognition, as they are the first entity who have officially joined ‘Baadr’. The employee performance and usage of the application will be tracked and a monthly report will be issued. Emirates Steel Arkan will also have a dashboard with all progress done by their employees in terms of sustainability practices. Based on the performance of the employees, Emirates Steel Arkan will have then the possibility of becoming an Eco Champion” and be rewarded with the “Eco Champion Award”.

Ahmed Baharoon, Executive Director of EAD’s Environment Information Science and Outreach Management Sector said: “Since we launched ‘Baadr’ in 2022 we have seen more than 2,600 downloads and now we are partnering with Emirates Steel Arkan so we can promote the application to more than 3,000 employees as part of their sustainability initiatives of which there are several. This move is part of EAD’s plan of promoting ‘Baadr’ to large organisations whether from the government or the private sector to endorse a culture of sustainable behaviour on a larger scale.”

He added: “We are working towards developing a comprehensive strategy based on workshops we held in May with key stakeholders where we reviewed the input of participants from a variety of sectors so we can devise the future of ‘Baadr’. Based on this knowledge we will further enhance the application and integrate the latest technological features.”

Saeed Alghafri, CEO of Emirates Steel, an Emirates Steel Arkan company, said: “Through our strategic collaboration with the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi’s ‘Baadr’ initiative, Emirates Steel Arkan is setting a precedent in corporate environmental engagement. The active participation of our workforce in sustainability practices not only reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship but also enhances our organizational ethos, driving meaningful change within the industry and the community at large in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Steel Arkan has been EAD’s Green Business Network member since March 2023. The network is one of EAD’s existing programmes that support and encourage organisations, both in the public and private sectors, to run more environmentally sustainable operations and make a greater contribution to the sustainable development of Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Steel Arkan have conducted extensive work on the environment, being at the forefront of environmental sustainability with a series of impactful initiatives. The company has achieved a 45% increase in renewable energy usage, underscoring its commitment to sustainable energy practices. In resource conservation, it has increased waste diversion by 30% and reduced total waste generation by 15%, showcasing its dedication to preserving natural resources. Additionally, 5,900 trees have been planted, significantly contributing to community greening efforts. The company has also reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 10% and increased the use of scrap materials by 56%, highlighting its focus on minimizing environmental impact. Looking ahead, Emirates Steel Arkan is set to launch the MENA region’s first green hydrogen-based steel project, marking a major step towards a sustainable industry.
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