Wonder Gecko

Teratoscincus keyserlingii

Species name: Wonder Gecko
Scientific name: Teratoscincus keyserlingii

Locally known as: Burs

Description: The Wonder Gecko is one of the largest nocturnal gecko species in the UAE. Their distribution stretches from Abu Dhabi city to Ghantoot and beyond.

IUCN status: Critically endangered

Key threats: Residential and commercial development, biological resource us.

Where they're found today: Across the Arabian Peninsula.

Abu Dhabi’s efforts: EAD conducts surveys on the Wonder Gecko’s habitats and in new areas to see if any unidentified populations exist, in order for us to continuously monitor them.

Fun Facts:

  1. Wonder Geckos are commonly found active during Summer in coastal sand sheets habitat with shrubs.
  2. They are one of the UAE’s largest and most colorful gecko species.
  3. Hatchling wonder geckos are bright yellow with black bands.