Recreational Fishing

Fishing is a key part of the UAE’s heritage and we understand that visitors and residents alike may want to take part in this traditional pastime.

However, to protect our fish stocks from dwindling further, we have several policies and regulations in place – with a weekly or annual license required by law for recreational or commercial fishing.

The process is simple:

  • To apply for a fishing license, click here . Make sure you do this before setting out.
  • If you catch a tagged fish, it is likely to belong to one of our over-exploited species. To assist our researchers, please report the fish by calling 800 555 – mentioning the tag number, colour and size, along with the location where it was caught.
  • If you are going on a fishing excursion with a licensed company, you will not need to obtain an individual license – the company should already have the correct commercial approvals to cover you.