Supplier Registration

If you would like to become a supplier to the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, we require you to register with the Department of Finance (DoF).


Please click here in order to start the registration process.



Local Supplier


To register in Abu Dhabi Government Resource Management System, make sure the below documents are available and ready for attachment while registering.


  1. Company profile
  2. Request letter for new supplier registration addressed to the government entity to be registered.
  3. A Valid commercial license permitting economic activity in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi.
  4. Bank confirmation account letter issued from the bank
  5. Authenticated signature of the person authorized to sign
  6. A valid passport and Emirates ID copy of the company's owner / organization partner and/or the person who have Power of Attorney
  7. A copy of Value Added Tax Certificate
  8. Sign the attached form , Acknowledgement private sector compliance with contracting stipulation of government entities


Foreign Supplier


To register with Abu Dhabi Government make sure the below documents are available and ready to attach while registering. In addition, below four documents should be attested from the Embassy of United Arab Emirates within the supplier country.


  1. Company’s business or trade license
  2. Company’s tax certificate if relevant in the supplier’s country
  3. Bank confirmation letter issued from the bank with company’s A/c. details




There are no fees for registration


To register please click here

iSupplier User Manual

iSourcing User Manual


Registration process Video Link click here



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