Pharaoh Eagle Owl

Bubo Ascalaphus

Species name: Pharaoh Eagle Owl
Scientific name: Bubo ascalaphus

Locally known as: Buma


Description: The Pharaoh Eagle Owl is a nocturnal bird that nests on cliffs but also in old tree nests of ravens. It has orangey-yellow eyes, short ear tufts and cat-like face patterns.


IUCN status: Least Concern


Key threats: Hunting, habitat destruction and poisoning.


Where they’re found today: They are resident across north African and the Arabian Peninsula.


Abu Dhabi efforts: As part of EAD’s long-term bird monitoring program, Eagle Owls are also monitored.


Fun facts:

  1. They are feared predators, feeding on cape hares, dhub lizards, hedgehogs, desert rodents and birds.
  2. Although nocturnal, they are often seen during the day sitting at the entrance to their nest
  3. They are silent hunters as their flight doesn’t make any sound, even if they are close to their prey due to slightly specialized wing feathers.
  4. They are monogamous- they pair up for life.