Indo-pacific Bottlenose Dolphin

Tursiops aduncus

Species name: Indo-pacific Bottlenose Dolphin
Scientific name:  Tursiops aduncus

Locally known as: Deghs

Description: They live in the warm temperate to tropical waters. These dolphins occur in shallow water. Indo-pacific Bottlenose Dolphin grows to 2.6 m (8.5 ft) long, and weighs up to 225 kg (500 lb). It lives in the waters Indian Ocean, North and western Indian Ocean including the coast of Africa, Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf.

IUCN status: Data deficient

Key threats: Entanglement in abandoned fishing nets and vessel strikes, habitat loss from dredging, land reclamation, port and harbour construction, noise pollution and other developmental activities.

Where they're found today: Since 2014, the Indo-pacific Bottlenose dolphin is being monitored in Abu Dhabi waters. The species occurs in shallow coastal waters as well as away from islands and coast. They have wider distribution range than the Indian Ocean Humpback dolphin. They occur in small as well as large herd of group size 2 to 40 individuals.

Abu Dhabi’s efforts: EAD runs long-term research and monitoring programmes of cetaceans, which helps us identify the areas that need monitoring and protection.